U-V-N refers to 3 fundamental dimensions of visual coordinate system which is similar to X-Y-Z of Cartesian Syste. U-V-N is INTERDISCIPLINARITY


Yufan Xie

■Architecture ■Computation ■Interactive Media

Yufan Xie is a design practitioner working at the intersection of architecture, media art, and sound synthesis. By integrating multisensory narratives with procedural systems and interactive media, his work focuses on innovation and improves multi-sensory experiences.

Contacting me: xieyufan@uvnlab.com 

With years of experience in procedural platforms, I provide professional consulting of Grasshopper & Unreal Engine. 


2014 – 2019  SoA, Central Academy of Fine Arts, B.Arch, A9 Studio, Beijing

2018 Exchange at SoA, West Minster University, London

2019 – 2021  Soa, University of Southern California, M.Arch , Los Angeles




2019.7 – now Computational Designer at Refik Anadol Studio

2020 MADA s.p.a.m LA Internship

2020 Rhino Studio, Grasshopper Animation Tutorial

2020 USC ARCH 410 Class Assistant, Grasshopper Tutor with Erin Cuevas

2020 Usability Lead of USC AGP Game“Beat the Beat Up

2017-2019  Member of Parametric Research Group Team CAFA

2017.9-11   Tuning Synesthesia Internship – 3D printing Researcher


2021 Epic Megagrants Recipient

2021 A+D Museum Design Award, Runner-Up

2021 Robert Bradford Newman Student Medal for Merit in Architectural Acoustics awarded by the Acoustical Society of America.

2020  Gensler Diversity Scholarship

2020 YTAA(Young Talent Architect Award) Shortlisted

2019  1st Award of CAFA Graduate Design

2019  Qianlixing Scholarship



2019 UABB Shenzhen Binnale ExhibitionThe Unknown City

2020 Art NOVA 100 – The Unknown Cities

2021 Sci-Ficene, Art and Science Concept Exhibition, The Unknown City


Lectures & Forums

2020 USCA Research Symposium, The Unknown City

2020 Tsinghua Design Future – “Tangible vs Intangible”

2021 Organizer of Acoustic Future forum

2021 23rd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Shifting Computation – Tangible to Intangible