Acoustic Future is multi-sensory future.

We reflect on dominant visual culture and explore potentials of spatial interactivity.

Acoustic Future is a movement and interview serie proposed by Yufan Xie in 2020, aiming at reflecting pre-dominant visual culture in industrial culture and raising public awareness of minor senses.

As most of us are born visually, trained visually and we produce visually, we are inherently blind to the need of other sensory space and ignore non-visual potentials in a forseeable future. We are now in a shift from singularity of visual culture, into a multi-sensory future, while augmented reality and interactive media come to our life. It is the time to consider, a shift in our mind and culture.

The shift is a cross-disciplinary collaboration. Acoustic Future sincerely invite practitioners from all fields to join the conversation, to share your idea on our past, now, and the FUTURE.


Roundtable 2021.04.29