Author: Yufan Xie

Focal Lapse – the First Story About Deviations

Intro This is a story about deviations, errors, and recursions. In late 2018, when I was preparing my portfolio for master degree, I was thinking about a question – it’s a common thing when we consider issues in a perfect condition and introduce imperfections later as we move into physical world. Errors are always defined […]

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Acoustic Garden

RELATED LINK: Awards: Robert Bradford Newman Student Medal for Merit in Architectural Acoustics awarded by the Acoustical Society of America Previous experiment on spatial live set: GAP+ Architecture of Sound ■Acoustic Garden applies spatialized sound synthesis to the physical world with handheld AR. It’s an invisible virtual world, Listen, and discover our movement reshape the acoustic space Find the sound a […]

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The Unknown Cities

2019 Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture 4 piece of generative 3D-printing, Resin Author: Yan Wu, Yu Chen, Yufan Xie, The project is series of 3d-printing based on fiction “9 City, Millions of Future” by Yan Wu. The fiction discribed a process of returning territory from city to nature, transitting the earth to a planet of […]

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“GAP +” Architectures of Sound 2019 CAFA SoA A9 Studio Graduate Design, 1st Award 2019 China 8+ Joint Graduate Design “Kulangsu Project” 2020 Gensler Diversity Scholarship 2020 YTAA Asia (Young Talent Architect Award) Shortlisted Instructor: Yufang Zhou, Huanyu Wang, Wendong Wang, Zigeng Wang Designer: Yufan Xie This project explores the mixing mechanism of sonic space. […]

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KD Title

Binary Tree Derivatives

This is a brief research project during my Bachelor graduate design. I worked on several derivatives of Binary Tree algorithm, which was implemented to generate grid system for my project “GAP+”(http://uvnlab.com/gap/).

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Self-organizing : System of Basic Behaviours

Self-organizing is a generative project I launched since 2017 September. The whole system is based on 4 basic behaviours – growth and death abstracted from DLA system, as well as repelling and attracting abstracted from Differential Growth. Behaviors are applied to particles according to density. It’s a hybrid system of basic behaviors, which produce diversified […]

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Differential Growth Research

Intro About in 2016, accidently by a workshop held in CAFA, Chritoph Klemmt presented his research on Cell Based Venation Systems and works from Andy Lomas and Deskriptiv, since then I was deeply attracted by generative form and beauty of self-organizing – in which Differential Growth – a typical algorithm took far-reaching impact on my […]

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Spatial Performance

Our first spatial live set by Ziqian and me, in June 2017. Dancer figures, glitching images and 3d objects are placed in 3d structure – foreground, background and random drones. As images and space were reconstructed around our routine, ritual, dance and percussions bring us to a new world The project utilize midi and osc […]

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Hello UVN!

Hello UVN! 2015/02.28 – this is the birth of UVN, and birthday of the author. UVN – 3 fundamental dimensions of visual coordinate system – our sight. UVN – UVAN – UFAN – YUFAN I’M MULTIDIMENSIONAL I’M MULTIDISCIPLINARY I’M MULTIIDENTITY I’M NOT DEFINED

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