Focal Lapse

Distorted space based on perspective deviations


If we define previous modelling technologies we have, as abstractive and subtractive reconstructions, technologies we have today, such as Photogrammetry is more presented as a series of coupled messages based on perspectives. Objects, along with noises in physical world are all recorded as a new semi-reality. Focal Lapse further explores such noise and error, by deviating a perspective-based distortion – if spatial informations are gradually distorted, what kind of digital landscape are we going to see?

如果说以往的数字建模技术是机器与算法对于事物的概括性选择性重建的话,那么如今类似Photogrammetry的智能合成技术,则更多呈现为一种基于主观视角的、海量离散信息的耦合——现实中的物象连带误差与干扰信息一起,被以一种半真实的状态被记录下来。Focal Lapse恰恰是对于这种感知偏差的一次探索 – 假如空间信息被这种错位的方式不断放大扭曲,我们又将看到何种数字景观呢?

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 Yufan Xie ft. Angry5JaR Present “Focal Lapse”

Vision Shenzhen x City Light Art Museum at MoCAUP Shenzhen

目光深圳 X 城市光美术馆   深圳当代艺术与城市规划馆

How do we transform facades into a flexible boundary bumping in and out around the screen? Focal Lapse attempts to reveal a blurred space through color flows, presenting a distorted digital landscape, in response to fixed rigid boundaries in our urban environment. This project was initially a research upon first perspective projection and time-based deviations – shapes hidden in background and the swinging vanish point drive image along all directions, affecting our perception over planar screen space.

建筑的表面如何成为变化的折射透镜,转变为摇摆于屏幕内外的弹性边界呢?Focal Lapse尝试通过色彩的流动方式呈现一种模糊的立面空间,以建筑尺度下不断拉伸扭曲的数字景观,来回应我们所处的城市环境中确切的、硬质的表皮。该项目起始于一个关于第一视角投影及其误差的研究——潜藏在背景中的几何形态与摇摆于于屏幕内外的视点引导图像向各个方向偏移扭曲,影响着观者对于原本平面空间的感知。